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Client Success Story : Kate

Kate Progress


"I started working with Dayne 5 years ago. I am 6' 3, and I was overweight. Although I had struggled with my weight for a few years, I was the highest I have ever been at (Starting weight 264 lbs - Current Weight 208 = 56 lbs of weight loss)! I was emotionally & spiritually sick. My mom had passed away in 7/2011. I was devastated and it was time to reclaim my life. In addition to this, I was having problems with my back, joints and having a great deal of migraines.

I bought sessions with Dayne as a gift to myself to start taking care of me. When I met him I was immediately surprised by his demeanor and by his knowledge at his age. He has a calm voice, is very laid back and non judgmental. Dayne put together a program for me, after figuring out what I was capable of by his standards, not mine. I did not believe that I could follow through on my weight loss and stick to my regime. I felt as though I was wasting his time, as he would meet me at the gym, and I had not done any other work. So I stopped seeing him for a few months. That wasn't a good choice.

Dayne would contact me and ask if I could meet him at the gym and go for a walk. I didn't think this would amount to anything, but I started to meet him again once per week. That appointment began to be something I looked forward to each week and after it was over it became a positive accomplishment. Dayne slowly increased the distance and he inspired me to try to do more. I started to walk longer and increase the number of days I walked.

Now days I am a very active person. I enjoy the fresh air and peace of the outdoors. I still

enjoy walking but have become super involved with jogging, obstacle racing, hiking and kayaking. Dayne has helped me change my life styles and I am now a much healthier and happier person. I am really loving my new confidence and accomplishment. I've loss 56 pounds!

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