Journey to Marathon. Part 1

My name is Stephanie Taranto Lupinski, and I am strong. I am sharing my story with you to hopefully help motivate you to find something in your life to aspire towards. I am also writing this to figure out what my next steps are in my fitness journey. And most importantly, I need to reflect on how far I have come and how much I've accomplished.

My journey began when I turned 47. I was always a fast walker, and had the ultimate dream of running the Boston Marathon at 50 years old. My friends wanted me to go with them and run a half marathon in Disney World. So, I jumped into running with both feet.

My first race ever was the Walt Disney World Family Fun 5k. The very next day was when I ran my first 13.1 (1/2 marathon).

Accompanying me during these races where some of my best friends and supporters, Debbie Deeb and Denise Deeb.

#JourneytoMarathon #successstory

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