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Journey to Marathon. Part 2

Aside from my friends asking me to join them at Disney, a big part of my running in Disney was because all the entry money would go to leukemia/lymphoma research.

My biggest supporter was my Dad.

My Dad had a rare form of Cancer called Mantle cell Lymphoma. He was in an experimental treatment group with 39 other patients. My strength comes from my Dad. Stephen A Taranto, lived 9 years with Mantel Cell Lymphoma, and outlived everyone in the treatment group.

He was my best friend and will always be my biggest supporter. My Boston tattoos and Dana Farber tattoo are in honor of my dad. I will continue to support leukemia/lymphoma research studies in his honor.

My Dad was and always will be my number one supporter. But, I owe a special thanks to

Deb Deeb, Denise, Dayne my trainer, Crystal, Christopher my son, Samantha my daughter, Tom and my Anytime Fitness family. I never expected my journey and life to be so enhanced with all this love.

My supporters are always there to encourage me to keep working toward my goals. They are there to cheer me on during every race and stand by my side even during the many hours of training. They also help me stay positive when I'm down on myself, which is very important to me. They all play their part beautifully.

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