Journey to Marathon. Part 7

Now that I have accomplished three times my ultimate goal of running the Boston Marathon, my trainer Dayne is advising me on setting new goals. Running marathons truly damages my body, and healing is getting harder and harder.

I will always be strong, but now I am focusing on being well. Balance is going to be key in my health and wellness. Plus, Dayne said "no more 26.2!" Beginning a new chapter in my life is not easy for me, but with the support of my family and friends, I know I can handle anything.

I plan on still running half marathons and shorter races too. I will continue working out with my Easton Fitness family and working on being healthy. I love my new found strength, and I love our Dayne's Divas and Medicine Ball Mania groups. Dayne is also helping me figure out my nutrition. I want to eat better with the help from my JuicePlus+ Chewables and Complete shakes and bars.

Thank you to Debbie, for giving me the gift card for a personal trainer in February 2014 and for all your support throughout the years! Thank you to Christopher and Samantha for always encouraging me and making me feel like the best mom.

Thank you to my family and friends who support my “craziness”.

To my Easton Fitness Family - Thank you for letting me be a part of the family!

Dayne, thank you for your support, friendship, and for helping me become a stronger person inside and out. You always know what's best for me.

Thank you for reading my,

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