Journey to Marathon. Part 6

Boston 2016

This race meant a lot to me. I started out thinking of setting a goal of 5 hours, but as I got to the starting line I had this feeling of, "wow this is my last Boston."

I was with Denise in the waiting areas, but it was so crowded in the beginning of the race that we got separated. I wasn't feeling like a runner, I felt off my A-game. Then the worst thing that could have happened, happened.

On mile two my Ipod died! This meant all my hours of training with my music buddy, screwed me up. I Never, Ever thought of what would happen if I had no music.

To add to that, there were over 30,000 racers, and by 11am it was over 70 degrees. The wind was so crazy that I ended up with wind burn on my eye and I also ended up with 6 black and blue toes. I am just so happy that I finished!

What helped me through this race was that at Mile 14, my niece Elizabeth was volunteering and passing out Gatorade. At Mile 16, I had Deb, Max, Andrea, Louis, and Stephanie. At mile 17, I had my best friend Karen. At Mile 22, I had my brother Steed, his wife Mary and my niece Emily. At mile 23, I had the Duraney Family and Gail and other friends along the way.

My Beautiful children along with Crystal and Tom were at the finish line filming me crossing the Finish line!

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