Journey to Marathon. Part 5

Boston 2015

After recovering from my first Boston Marathon in 2014, my training picked right back up again. This year's training programs had a lot of the same goals in mind and the year truly flew by so fast. Before I knew it, I was waiting for my turn to approach the starting line at the 2015 Boston Marathon.

The weather was horrible in 2015! The conditions were rainy with winds gusting up to 15 mph.Temperatures were in the mid 40s. I was freezing my butt off! By the end of the race I was sore and shivering. But with all things considered, I still finished in 5h 40m (10 min slower than 2014).

I think that if the weather conditions were different I would have cracked the 5 hours. Regardless, I was proud of myself and everyone was so supportive of me.

Training with a new purpose

After running the Boston Marathon in 2015, we transitioned my training from just marathon training to cross training. My new focus was on improving my overall fitness, strength, endurance and still to prevent injury.

We also started to incorporate some of Dayne's group training classes and fun events which included Dayne's Divas at the Diva Dash! Video Above.

I also really enjoy my Medicine Ball Mania group on Monday nights, and Group FitnessX on Sunday mornings. Video Below.

I put my complete trust in Dayne to help me in the direction that I need to go in. I feel stronger than I have ever felt. I am challenging myself every workout and look forward to all of my workouts. As for my one on one training session, when a race is coming up I may need them in addition, but I am now learning that a balance is key to my success.

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