Journey to Marathon. Part 4

Training for Boston 2014

My story with Dayne began when a good friend gave me a gift certificate for my birthday to train with her running coach at Easton Fitness. I started training with Dayne in February 2014. He not only prepared me for The Boston Marathon, but he has taught me how important it is to practice injury prevention by having proper form and running technique.

He helped me improve my core strength and really challenged me to become healthier overall. Preventing injuries is so important!

We also spent a lot of time analyzing my running technique. Dayne used a high speed camera to capture my running in slow motion. He helped me change my running form completely and taught me how to run more efficiently.

By doing all this training, I took 35 minutes off my marathon time in Boston.

This experience has changed me forever. I give all the credit to my preparation with Dayne. I felt strong after finishing the Boston Marathon! What a difference! I have never felt stronger, as you will see in the video below. I continue to drive to Easton from Waltham every week to train with the best trainer around!!! Working out is fun again!"

Boston Strong 2014

I got a bib number! My goals were coming together for me and I now believed that anything was possible. In 2014 I accomplished so much on my own and with my trainer.

Race day arrived quickly and my training and preparation was going to be worth everything. Weather conditions were great with a clear sky and 60 degrees.

I finished my first Boston Marathon in 5 1/2 hours, 35 minutes faster than my first marathon ever! I was super happy with this result because I knew that all of my preparation and hard work played a huge part in my success.

The only downfall about running marathons is the physical abuse on your body. After Boston 2014, I had some pain in my feet, ankles and knees and I also lost a toenail in the process. It was all worth it!

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