Program Outline:
Limit: 10 Athletes
Ages: 12-17
Pricing: $32/workout, $64/week or $256/month we are flexible
Starting Monday 9/28/2020
(2) 1hr small group workouts per week | Mon & Wed 3PM
*If these times do not work for your student-athlete, we are
capable and willing to accommodate custom scheduling.

Easton Fitness will be hosting Student-Athlete Workouts for one hour
twice per week starting on Monday 9/28/2020. Our goal is to provide
fun and effective fitness for student-athletes whose sports seasons are
being effected by COVID-19. At Easton Fitness, we are committed to
providing a safe, clean, and healthy environment for all of our clients
and members. If you are considering enrollment, please contact us to
schedule a tour and informational meeting with us.