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Common Questions about Easton Fitness

"When is EF open?"

Well, the truth is that we do not have set hours. The simple answer is that we are here when clients are scheduled to be here with us. This is because we are an appointment-only training business for the time being. Knock on wood, we are crazy busy and so that means we are open many hours. And, we are accepting new clients.

Our Hours tend to be as follows:

Monday - Thursday: (6am-11am) (3pm-8pm) *personal training & groups

Friday & Saturday: Mornings *personal training & groups

Sunday: Advanced group 7:30am

"How does it work?"

99% of our clients start as one-on-one personal training clients and build their way up to being able to handling our group training sessions. Why would you want to join a group? Here are some reasons.

1) Cost Sessions cost $32/session. One-on-one sessions are typically 30 minutes in length, and group sessions are typically 45 minutes. So, 50% more time for your money. In addition to a financial incentive, we promise your not going to find a better value or a better place to improve your health!

2) Environment Our group sessions are very fun! We enjoy sarcasm & many inside jokes! The only thing we take seriously is the exercise, the rest of it is just fun! Our group sessions are also a great way to meet and become friends with a whole group of great people. You'll be motivated and always leave wearing a smile!

3) Flexibility Once we help you achieve a level of fitness to the point of qualifying for our group sessions, the opportunity and flexibility in scheduling increases greatly. We understand that life happens and you might not be able to keep the same schedule every week. No problem! Text us and we will figure out a make-up session.

We also understand that groups are not appropriate for everyone for various different reasons. For example: injuries, physical limitations, and maybe you just don't like groups and that's okay! We are very careful in how we build our schedule and workouts. We want what it best for everyone and your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities.

"How do I start?"

Getting Started with Easton Fitness is a smooth process. The first step is yours to make. Right off the bat, we give you three free sessions/appointments. When you hire Easton Fitness, you gain access to all of our resources. You wont have just one trainer, you'll have a whole company working hard for you. The first appointment is almost always 100% conversation in nature. During this 1st appointment we learn about where your are in life, what experiences you've had with exercise in the past and most importantly what your goals are. Then we spend two more appointments working out with you and developing a game plan.

Contact us to get started!

Message us via our website or


P: 508 297 0508 (please leave a voicemail)

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