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Medicine Ball Mania Test Night @ The Field House Arena: Part 1

Image Capture by Peter Galeno,

Field House Arena owner

Tonight will be the first night that we hold a full sized Medicine Ball Mania test run at the new Field House Arena in Easton, MA. Joe and I are both very excited to be working with the Field House family, and tonight will prove that our classes are the funnest, new way to exercise.

There is no one in the world doing what we do!

Tonight, we will also be filming a new commercial to help launch our classes being offered at The Field House Arena in the near future. My Father, R David Prothero, and I are going to be shooting with all kinds of cool gear including GoPro Hero 4 cameras, a Nikon p510, a Phantom 3 drone and whatever other cool toys we can think of. Be on the lookout, Medicine Ball Mania is coming to a gym near you!

Stay at home parents this is for you!!!

RSVP for our free trail workout on April 29th, 2016 @11:30am. Kids classes will be help at the same time for free.

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