Employment Opportunity! Come Join my team!

Yes, I am adding qualified people to my team! Do you have what it takes?

I know you have seen me on social media and the internet as a whole a lot the past few years. There is a fantastic reason for that. The internet is one of the most important tools in my tool belt. The internet is all about networking and strategic outreach. And, when you combine that with a powerful and ethical mission, you have success!

I am looking to add people to my team who have the same drive and energy to sell quality products as I do. If you choose to join my team, I can promise my support and skills to teach you everything I know and help you grow your income. The opportunity to learn and thrive is here for the taking if you so choose.

What am I talking about?

I'm talking about The Juice Plus+ Company and I am interested in adding you to my team. Along with that, I will assist you in setting up your own online store and virtual franchise that you will use to build your path to success. If you have people skills and can understand how great The Juice Plus+ Company and their products are, then you can have all the success you desire.

How did I get started?

Well the truth is, I was initially a huge skeptic. I have never in my professional career recommended and type of supplement that I dont take or have experience with myself. When I was first approached by Juice Plus+ I didnt know what it was all about. I just assumed that it was another bogus supplement company. However upon doing a ton of reading and binge watching informational videos, I started to become a huge advocate. And so, that is how I got my start.

My fiance and I started taking the Juice Plus+ Chewables everyday, and the results speak for themselves. My results include more energy, more focus, quicker muscular recovery, improved performance, reduced allergies (which is a huge plus for me) and the list just keeps going.

Why should you join me?

Reason 1 :

The mission. The mission of my team is to spread wellness throughout families with the implementation of only the highest quality fitness services and nutritional products. As I said in my previous article,

"While most people make New Years Resolutions to improve themselves, I wanted to restore my focus on my most important mission. I love preaching about how "without your health, you have nothing!" and it's 100% true. And so, as a trainer and someone who strives to make a difference in peoples wellness, I decided to find a new avenue to help me achieve my goal. Part of my re-focusing was to find like-minded partners to associate my business with. One of the amazing companies I have found to be a fantastic resource has been The Juice Plus+ Company."

Families deal with all sorts of health issues and tragic illnesses. Some of the most prevalent being Heart Decease, Diabetes, Arthritis and the common cold. Plus, many more that I haven't mentioned. So, doesn't it make sense to you that making sure families are able to get 30 different varieties of fruits, vegetables and grains daily is extremely beneficial to their health? This is making a difference in peoples health, and that's what matters most!

Reason 2 :

Quality of product. Juice Plus+ is the real deal. Not a scam, like most other companies who claim to have "quality products" which are filled with "proprietary ingredients" Juice Plus+ is 100% clean of preservatives and is non-GMO certified. The quality of ingredients in the Juice Plus+ products is second to none, and that is why people achieve amazing results. Which leads to my next reason.

But first, Check out this video.

Reason 3 :

Legitimacy. Juice plus+ is recommended by Health Care Professionals all over the world. Please watch all 54 of these videos. Just kidding, maybe just a few.

More videos Here.

Reason 4 :

Financials. The possibilities are truly endless. Through your dedication and enthusiasm to spread the mission, you will succeed. Parents, families, and everyone else are looking for quality products like this that dont break the bank. All you have to do is talk to them and introduce them to what an opportunity this is to improve their health and to save money. I am going to sound repetitive but, "you are what you eat, and without your health, you have nothing."

Like I said in my previous article,

"Is it affordable? Yes! Yes, it is! Do the math!

Example 1: The most expensive product package I sell is ~$76/month ($2.50/day). I bet you throw at least that much produce away each month. I myself buy a lot of fresh produce each week, and more often than not, end up throwing out 50% of it. That doesn't work for my budget! I hate throwing money in the trash bin! How about you?

Example 2 : When was the last time you ate every single one of the ingredients in one of these chewables/capsules in a day? The answer is, never! Go ahead and try, you will have had 10x the recommended daily amount of dietary fiber and you'll go broke. Juice Plus+ is worth every cent."

How you make money! In steps the entrepreneur.

Distributors get paid on a commission base, plus bonuses once you hit certain levels of sales. Also, once you achieve a higher level of sales, your commission percentage increases. I am being as honest and straight forward as I can be when I say, all you have to do is talk to people about a product that you are passionate about, and the money shows up in your mail box.

How do you join my team?

Contact me and include your resume. Please include in the email your answer to these few questions. Send to daynepro@gmail.com

1. Why do you want to join my team? What will you add to the team?

2. How do you relate to my team mission?

3. Who is your target market? Who are you selling to?

4. What skills do you have to help you sell?

5. Are you well versed in networking and social media marketing?

Things to know up front.

1.There is a $50 annual franchise/licensing fee associated with becoming a certified distributor. Once that fee is paid, you're off to the races and we start working together to build your business.

2. You will be paid to be your own customer. Yes, its true. You will make money on every single order processed through your dashboard, including orders for yourself.

Not convinced? Ask me questions!

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