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Hiking Mount Chocorua Fall 2015

Greetings from the top of Mount Chocorua! We really wish more of you could make this adventure with us. Next year for sure!

Morgan & I have been hiking together for a few years now and we find that it’s one of our favorite things to do. You really can’t beat the benefits, especially around this time of year. Crisp Fall air & the beautiful warm colors of seasons turning made this trip special.

As you all may know, Morgan & I have been hiking in different parts of the country. He have hiked some of the world's most "dangerous" trails & adventured through some of the most remote and beautiful locations.

Hiking Mount Chocorua via Champney Falls Trail is one of our favorites. The hike offers two sections. First, the hike to Chamney Falls takes us about 1 hour, and it is totally worth it! Below, you'll find some of our favorite pictures of the falls from Winter/Summer. You'll also find our pictures from this Fall.

The Hike from Champney Falls > the Mount Chocorua Summit took us an additional 75 minutes. This portion of the hike is a bit more challenging. In total, it took us 2.25 hours to hike up to the summit, and about the same coming back down. 4.5 hours total.

Enjoy the pics, and we will see you in the gym!

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