Client Success Story : Bill

"I am 65 years old. A knee replacement ended my hobby of running. They wanted to take my other knee as well as it is bone on bone. Further, two compressed discs in my back have led to numerous injections to help relieve the pain. An injured sciatic nerve from running has limited much of my flexibility.

This year a chronic shoulder pain led to a diagnosis that I have to have my shoulder replaced. Arthritis is bad! Age is relentless!

Joining Anytime Fitness was my way of making an attempt to avoid more surgery. Recruiting Dayne was actually a recommendation of my physician. Having a personal trainer was a first and I had my reservations. I have worked out most of my life, but had fallen into the rut of doing what I liked to do.

Dayne has been great! Working things with the utmost attention to prevent injury is something I appreciate. Recovery is slow at 65. But, what I did not expect was how fast things began to improve.

First, my back and shoulder pain are a memory. Every workout begins with a warmup and stretching. Second, strength gain in areas I haven't worked since I was a kid are amazing. I actually like doing pushups and sit-ups! Third, Inches are going away on the waist line. Finally, my endurance and attitude are returning quickly.

I have a home gym with an elliptical, rower, Bowflex, free weights, exercise ball, bands, etc. Why do I need a personal trainer?

Since starting with Dayne, I have kept daily records on what I have accomplished. As time is at a premium for me, it is important to get the most out of any session. There is a considerable difference in what is accomplished in Dayne's sessions. But more importantly, he knows when to push and when to back off. He is helping my avoid injury. I may be physically 65, but my mind often pretends that I'm still 30.

Exercise alone can become monotonous. Having Dayne brings spontaneity to my time. It is important to get education on different routines and proper technique. Regardless of how I feel when I go to Anytime Fitness I always feel motivated and energized when I leave.

Dayne has not just helped with my physical return from arthritic hell, he has helped me build a positive attitude."

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