Client Success Story : Chris

“I had been a bigger guy for as long as I can remember. I had reached my largest weight of 240lbs and decided I no longer had to be that big. Chronic back aches and low energy were lowering my quality of life.I first changed my eating habits completely. Instead of living off fast food and take out, I began cooking all my meals. Eating healthy was much less difficult than I thought it would be. The real challenge to me was the gym. I never really knew how to use the machines, which exercises to do, or why.I had signed up to Anytime Fitness and decided to meet with personal trainer Dayne. I wanted to make sure I knew what to do in the gym, use my time efficiently, and be able to go in there with a plan. I had no interest in spending hours walking or running on a treadmill. Dayne showed me routines involving body weight, free weights, kettlebells, and cardio. After 3 months with my new eating habits, regular gym visits (3-5 times a week), and Dayne’s training and guidance, I am down 30lbs.I feel much more energized throughout the day, my back pain has lessened immensely, and I feel more confident and better all around. Friends, Family, and myself can clearly see the changes, physically and mentally. With summer around the corner I just had to buy all new clothing because all my old clothes (XL shirts and size 38+ pants/shorts) no longer fit. As someone who always considered himself the big guy, it’s nice to finally feel fit. I intend to continue to my goal of around 180-190lbs continuing with Dayne and the things he has taught me. Weight loss is doable, in my case changing my eating habits, going to the gym, and having someone there to help guide me were the keys.”

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